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When I made the move to Texas one of the things I most looked forward to was trying some of the famed Texas BBQ. I love barbecue but have never had great brisket. The places that do good barbecue in Cincinnati mainly specialize in pulled pork or ribs. While I love a good pulled pork sandwich, I’m ready for some good brisket. Before the Joel McHale show I tried Uncle Billy’s Brew and ‘Cue, which was good but not the true Texas barbecue experience I was looking for (their beer was tasty though). This made me want to try one of the hyped Austin barbecue joints, which is what I did today.

There are two barbecue stops in town which receive most of the praise: Franklin’s and JMueller. Franklin’s is not only regarded as the best in town, but as one of the best barbecue restaurants in the country. However with such praise, you usually have to wait in a really long line and there is a possibility of them selling out by the  time you get to order. JMueller receives lots of praise as well, is located down the street from my apartment and doesn’t have as long of a wait (you can even call ahead, which is what I did). For these reasons I decided to go with Mueller’s today.

JMueller is one of the many food trailers on South First street, located on the 1500 block. Although there are plenty of tables, we decided to get our order to go and eat in since we live so close. The moist brisket is the menu item which is the most praised, so we got a pound of that, along with a half pound of pork ribs and a half pound of prime rib (which is only available on Friday). Remember how earlier I said I’ve never had great brisket? Well that is no longer the case. The brisket at JMueller’s is outstanding. The smoke flavor is great and the black pepper & salt rub is simple but works very well. The rare prime rib was also tasty and you get a lot of meat in a half pound serving. Next time I’ll probably just get more brisket instead though, as I enjoyed it more and the prime rib is a little pricey. I didn’t try any of the ribs Alison ordered, but she liked them a lot. JMueller also has sausage, pork chops and turkey breast on their menu, I’ll have to try these items, along with the ribs, on a future visit.

I’m happy to report that JMueller lived up to the rave reviews. Someday I will brave the line and try out Franklin’s and of course report back on my experience there.

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