Hey Cupcake! and more…

I recently blogged about the JMueller BBQ food trailer I visited, this is a post about other food trailers I have visited during my first month as an Austin resident.

Hey Cupcake!

Two of the recent trends in food have been food trailers/trucks and cupcakes. With Hey Cupcake! you get both worlds combined. You can’t miss Hey Cupcake!, its located in the heart of South Congress and has a giant cupcake on top of the trailer. They have a menu of 8 cupcakes plus a couple of options for those wanting Vegan cupcakes, and they all cost $3 a cupcake. I think $3 is slightly overpriced for a cupcake, but not outrageously expensive and the cupcakes are large and tasty. Alison and I went with the Vanilla Dream (vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream top) and the Michael Jackson (chocolate cake and cream cheese top). I liked both, slightly preferred the Michael Jackson because of the cream cheese frosting which I really enjoyed.

Hey Cupcake (Trailer) on Urbanspoon

Wurst Tex and Short Bus

Before getting cupcakes, I picked up a sandwich from Short Bus Subs and a hot dog form Wurt Tex, which are two food trailers in the same food trailer lot as Hey Cupcake. I got The Principal (turkey, ham, roast beef, bacon, swiss) from Short Bus, which has a great menu of hot subs. Even though I usually prefer cold subs over hot subs, The Principal was pretty tasty.  Their bread is what really makes the sandwich, I can’t really explain it, it was just really good. The hot dog at Wurst Tex was good. It was a large all angus beef hot dog, which was juicy and tasty. But it’s just a hot dog, I’ll have to try one of their speciality sausages next time. There are a lot more options for food in this lot, including the highly rated Mighty Cone. It’s definitely a must visit if you’re in Austin.

Wurst Tex on Urbanspoon

Short Bus Subs on Urbanspoon

Hey! You Gonna Eat that or What?

Another food trailer with the name “Hey!” in it, but no relation. This trailer is nearby, just off of 1300 South Congress. Their standard menu is small with just 4 sandwiches, but they are excellent sandwiches and not your typical ‘wich. I went with the Shiner Monte Cristo. If you couldn’t tell from the name, it is a monte cristo sandwich, beer battered in Shiner Bock. It was without a doubt, the best Monte Cristo I’ve ever had.

Hey!... You Gonna Eat Or What? on Urbanspoon

Phatso’s Cheesesteaks

Located on South First, Phatso’s is pretty new to the Austin Food Truck scene. The owner Walter, who is very nice, told us he just moved to Austin around the same time we did. Even though I’ve only had a true authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphia a couple of times, I love a good cheesesteak. When I saw there was a cheesesteak truck down the street from my apartment, I had to check it out. From what I remember from my Philly experience, this is one of the more authentic cheesesteaks I had. The advertised Amoroso are definitely very good. I’ve had both cheese whiz and provolone, both were tasty but I slightly prefer the whiz. And like I said, Walter is friendly, so you won’t get that true rude Philly cheesesteak ordering experience. So you don’t have to be nervous when ordering (or if your from Philly you might miss that atmosphere).


Had Phatso’s for lunch today. Walter informed me he is now using ribeye instead of london broil for the beef in the cheesesteak. I liked the cheesesteak when the beef was london broil, but the ribeye makes the product even better. Turns the already good cheesesteak into a damn good cheesesteak. Also a good sign that Walter is looking for ways to improve his already solid menu offerings. Business must be good as Phatso’s now has a location in Ft. Worth as well.

Phatsos Cheesesteaks on Urbanspoon

Biscuits and Groovy

Actually ventured out of South Austin to visit this breakfast trailer in the Hyde Park area. As you can probably figure out from their name, Biscuits and Groovy specialist in various biscuits and gravy items, and these items all have various musician names. I went with the MC Hammer, which was biscuit topped with bacon (or sausage), scrambled eggs and cheese. It was as tasty as its sounds, only bad thing is its a little smaller than the other menu items. So next time I’ll either order 2 of them or get something else. Two other negatives are it does take a while to get your food (IIRC, it took about 20-30 minutes) and there isn’t a lot of seating. But the food was very good, so I’ll return.

Biscuits and Groovy (Trailer) on Urbanspoon

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